"It Was Often Said Between Neighbors That The Talif Boys Acted As Though They Were Raised By Wolves. Lana Nichols Who Lived Across The Street From Them And Had Been In Their House Once Said That Wasn't Far From The Truth." 16x20" acrylic/pencil on wood 2013

"When I Began Wearing All Black In The Ninth Grade My Parents Thought I Was Practicing Witchcraft And Became Convinced I Was Part Of A Teenage Coven on Cottonwood Street" acrylic/pencil on wood 2013

"In The Summer Of 1989 Mr. McManus Cut Down A Rosebush That Was Growing Directly On The Border Between The McManus's Back Yard And The Black's Back Yard. The Resulting Donnybrook Was The Most Brutal Thing Us Kids Had Ever Seen In Real Life. Years Later I Figured Out The Fight Wasn't Really About Roses." 16x20" acrylic/pencil on board 2013

"When Our Cousins Came For Holidays Games Of Monopoly Took On Particular Meaning, We All Wanted To Win For Our Respective Branches Of The Family Tree And It Was Not Uncommon For The Games To Become Physical." 10x16" acrylic/pencil on wood

"The Blackfoot River Was Where People From The Neighborhood Went To Drink Everclear, And If You Drank Too Much It Made You Feel Like Another Kind Of Animal Entirely. It Was Only Safe To Watch From The Bushes." 18x24"acrylic/pencil on wood 2014

"In The Johnson’s Home Most Of The Family Activities Were Repurposed As Feats Of Strength Competitions In Which The Three Johnson Boys & Their Sister Vied For Their Parents' Attention With Practiced Brutality. Even Birthday Pinatas Were Tests Of Savagery With Mr. Johnson Spitting Venom From His Lazy Boy." 11x14" acrylic/pencil on wood 2014

"If You're Okay Then I'm Okay And We Can Do This Until We're Very Old." 11x14" acrylic/pencil on wood

"The Bad Boys Hung Around The Baseball Diamond Being Dangerous And Irresistible" 16x20" acrylic/pencil on wood 2014

"The Block Party of 1984 Went Down In Neighborhood History Because Otto Johnson Tried To Get Lilly Watson Pregnant Without Her Permission And Nobody Noticed" 20x20" acrylic/pencil on wood