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Excerpt from "Solar" paintings

from Hopper to the new generations.

By Nicola Vitae (2016)

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I make narrative paintings, largely on the subject of loneliness.


I am an adoptee whose records were sealed at birth, meaning I wasn't permitted access to my own biographical information. In the absence of even basic knowledge of my background, storytelling became an important outlet. In storytelling the narrator is all-knowing and in complete control of the facts -- the beginning, middle, and end. Storytelling puts me in charge in a way I cannot be otherwise.


It's from this perspective I make paintings -- autobiographical mythologies combining what I know about myself with what I don't. In a sense, creating and recording my own history. The narratives address loneliness, separation, and otherness, as well as the traumas of secrecy within the family unit.


Each painting begins as a written story. The story becomes part of the painting via handwritten text on or near it. Through these stories, both written and visual, I examine what it is to feel whole.